Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My holiday

Hi, last weekend I went with my parents to Paris. When we arrived, it was very cold. We visited the Eiffel Tower and I took some photos. Everything was amazing except the food. I didn't likke it at all. 
In our journey we travelled by bus but when we came back to Spain, we took a plane.
It was a wonderful trip!                            
                                                       by Clara Anaya (2º B)

Last summer my parents and I travelled north. We went by car so we could enjoy the scenery.
First we visited Santiago de Compostela, we saw the cathedral and we bought a typical cake from Santiago that was delicious. 
Then we went to a village on the shore of the sea with an amazing view. On the way we stopped to visit some villages like Sarria and Potes.
We also took some photos. I liked the journey and I hope I can go again.  
                               by Carmen Vázquez (2º B)

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