Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I have had an incredible experience...

I have known a lot of people, I have made a lot of friends and this is my best memory...Of course this experience was good for my English because I practiced it every day.

The thing that most caught my attention was that the city was clean, there was not pollution and people were very polite, everybody followed the rules ( they were very strict).

Climate is very cold in Edinburgh and it changed very often. If you see my photos , you will see me with clothes for different seasons ( scarves or shirts, sandals or boots...)Every day it rained and this was the worst part.

I noticed that Italians have a very good level of English and I think I need more vocabulary.

This experience has increased my interest in other cultures, languages, traveling and meeting new people.

Laura Mendoza.

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  1. Thanks Laura for sharing your experience in Edinburgh with us!I am glad you enjoy your time there!