Friday, 18 June 2010


When my family came to visit me in Sevilla we had a great time going out and seeing the city. My parents rented a flat in the center and we stayed there for a week. Even though it was really hot, we did a lot of sightseeing during the day and visited the Alcazar, Cathedral, several museums and walked around the entire city. We ate tapas almost every night and both my parents really enjoyed all the food they tried.
After 6 days in Seville my parents and I drove to Portugal, where we rented a flat in Algarve. My sister flew into Faro to meet us and we spent about six days on the beach there. The beaches were beautiful but the water was so cold. The weather was much cooler than it was in Spain so it was a little difficult to go swimming in the ocean but we had a nice time relaxing on the beach.
After our stay in Portugal, we flew to Marrakech in Morocco for two nights. Morocco is so much different than Spain or anywhere else I have been. It was interesting to see the culture there and all of the small streets and markets in the center of town. We spent most of our time just walking around the streets and seeing different things However, after two nights in Morocco I was ready to leave and come back home.
We flew from Morocco to Madrid to London to Denver and luckily I made it home without losing any of my luggage this time. It is nice to be home but I miss my life in Spain very much and I hope that I will be able to come back soon. I had a great time at the school getting to know all of you and I hope to stay in touch. If anyone has any questions or anything please email me.

I miss you all already and hope everyone has a good summer.


  1. Thanks Dane for telling us about your travelling experiences!. We are glad you enjoyed yourselves here. We will be very interested in reading whatever you want to write about your life back home. Enjoy summer time there! kss

  2. That was awesome! Someday I'd love to travel worldwide like you Dane! I'm so glad that you enjoyed here! We miss you too! Hope you came back soon. I hope you have a great summer too! Thanks for all! :) xox

  3. I hope you have fun seeing the world and learn a lot. dane.Nieves miss you forgive me for my spelling mistakes. I´m Soto -.-

  4. Thanks Soto for writing here. I miss you too. I hope you have a wonderful summer. See you on September.

  5. yeah yeah but on september ajajajaj . good summeeer¡