Friday, 7 May 2010


I have discovered two things today: a singer and an tool. The singer is called Rufus Wainwright and is very famous all over the world though I had not heard about him before. The tool is DOTSUB, you can use it to subtitle any video you want (in any language). I have used both to do this:(you have to choose ENGLISH in "chosen language" below the video).

Enjoy it!!! By the way, who are the artists named in the video? and
Whose are the paintings?


  1. Dear Snows: the first painting is by W. Turner. Second is by Singer Sargent (The fountain of Villa Torlonia. Third is a painting by Rembradt (Anatomy lesson by Doctor Tulp)and the last work is Leda and the swan, by Michelangelo Buonarotti.
    Where is Rubens?

  2. Very Well done!! But I still think that the last painting is a Rubens although Miguel Angel painted a very similar one! Anyway you are the expert!

  3. I think is a painting by Michelangelo.I will check

  4. you are right.During this age he copying masterpieces for the Duke of Mantua collection. So that,this painting isn´t the most Rubens representative work.

  5. Thanks anyway! Because I have learnt a lot about the painting and also about the mythological story about Leda and the Swam!