Monday, 26 April 2010

Dane's Feria.

I spent most of the last week going to the Feria with some of my friends. I have been to the Feria once before (two years ago), but this time was amazing. I couldn't believe how big it was and how many people went every day to enjoy the Feria. I was also lucky enough to have several friends who invited me to their private casetas. The week of feria was so interesting for me because in the United States we really don't have any celebrations that are anything like that. I really liked to see all of the people dressed up as well as the horses and carriages. The Feria here in Sevilla is definitely one of my favourite things that I have done during my time here.


  1. Nieves it was really nice to see that you were to the feria!!!

    I also went, but only once, on Tuesday afternoon.

    See you around, friends!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jesús for visiting the blog and writing something!