Monday, 22 February 2010


Carnival has a special significance in a country with such deep outdoor festive roots as Spain. Not as famous or televised as Rio, Venice and New Orleans, Carnival time in Spain is, together with Easter and Christmas, one of its main popular festivities, celebrated nationwide with street parades, costume balls, beauty pageants and bank holidays.

On the mainland, the Andalusian city of Cádiz hosts the most popular urban Shrovetide celebrations. Year after year, thousands of Spaniards head to the Southern capital to embrace days of music, wine drinking and laugh listening to the murgas or chirigotas, groups of witty locals who make fun of politicians and VIP's and review the prior year's happenings.

Hundreds of villages and towns all around the nation celebrate Carnival in a less flamboyant and internationalized way, like in San José de la Rinconada where my students have been at least two weeks discussing their costumes.
I was astonished to discover how wonderful and surprising some of the costumes are.

The celebration begins with a parade where groups of disguised friends walk along the main streets ending with the God and Goddess of the carnival. During the tour the costume contest starts and the winners will be announced at the end.


  1. If somebody is interested in lending me her/his carnival photos, let me know and I will include them in this slide show.

  2. Good post. I just read this article, you might find it interesting...
    NY Times Cadiz Article

  3. The carnival of San Jose de la Rinconada is original and funny.We enjoyed ourselves. by alex and pino

  4. the carnaval in San Jose de la Rinconada was very funny and original.we liked the joker,Avatar and gormity disguises. by Serena and Sonia

  5. We were the best!!! our costume was from "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Have you seen the film? =)

  6. Nieves Ohh! Is very well your post about the carnival in San Jose!! So give it to meet many more people than we already know. Although I am not there, people make you feel like one more year and enjoy a great day all color, music and atmosphere. A greeting Nieves! By Carmen Ochavo

  7. Thanks for your help letting me share your photos!! It has been great to see, though disguised, many students from past years. And special thanks to all of you who have written something here.