Saturday, 14 November 2009

Things I love


  1. I'm looking forward to watching your "bookrs"...who is going to be the first?

  2. your quiet, we'll do the bookrs soon..jajaa
    ah! the video "i gotta feeling" is very good!!

    in short, the blog is very good, although we don't get much!
    But i will visit it more!!

    Flor! :)

  3. Bea.and.Noemi
    We think that your blog is very interesting and complete. We love your lessons, because we love English and we only wanna learn more and more. They are very enjoyables. Happy Chistmas and Happy new year.
    Thanks for your blog and songs =)

  4. Thanks Flor, Bea & Noemí. I love your interest in English, I hope you learn a lot this year. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Thanks Laura: you have been the first student in publishing your bookr, congratulations!! I love it and don't worry about the spelling mistakes, it is a wonderful bookr!!