Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Grass is Blue

by Dolly Parton (video)


1) Number the lines as they appear:

___ a) I just can't make it one day without you
___ b) told me goodbye
___ c) I've had to think up a way to survive
___ d) unless I pretend that the opposite's true
___ e) since you said it's over

2) Try to fill in the gapes before listening to the song (think about opposites):

____________ flow backwards (1)
____________ are high (2)
____________ are level (3)
____________ is a lie (4)
I'm perfectly fine
And I don't miss you
The ________ is green (5)
and the grass is blue.

3) Number the verses as you listen to them:

___ a) Where is that fine line before it all breaks
___ b) And into that realm of insanitive bliss
___ c) How much can a heart and a troubled mind take
___ d) Just cross over it
___ e) Cand one end their sorrow

4) Listen and complete the gaps (using opposites):

There's _____________ in the tropics (6)
There's _____________ on the sun (7)
It's ____________ in the Artic (8)
And _____________ in fun (9)
And I'm ___________ now (10)
And I'm ___________ we're through
And the ________ is green (5)
And the grass is blue.

And the _______ flow backwards (11)
And my ________ are dry (12)
Swams hate the _________ (13)
And eagles can't _________ (14)
But I'm allright now
Now that I'm over you
And the _________ is green (5)
And the grass is blue
And I don't love you
And the grass is blue.

lyrics (here)

5) What kind of music does the song belong to?
6) When was the album released?
7) Appart from being a singer, what did Dolly Parton do?

a photopeach about the song

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